Brilliant job fellas

David Hawkins Golf

Sean picking the ball out of the hole

Ken - So I thought we could name it the Bob Feeney Memorial Garden.....what do you you think?

Uncle Bob - I ain't effin' dead yet.....

Alan receiving the REF/Wanstead trophy from Captain Phil

Alan sporting the losers trophy for the annual match v The Swindle

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Lou Watts 


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I know I didn't win the Pajwani but will this do instead?

Happy birthday to​:​

John Rouse on 18th January

​Bob Perkins on 19th January


David Hawkins Golf

  • Martin had an update from Patrice this afternoon - Mike has now gone home and is able to get  around and movement is returning to his right side but not his hand. He is still struggling with his speech but he is working hard and having therapy every day. At this time Mike doesn't want visitors but I will keep everyone updated here.
  • Bob Feeney making good progress. He came home on Wednesday and is cracking on with his rehabilitation. 
  • Second round matches in the Bill Stirling need to be completed by the end of January.
  • Toastmaster sheet for next year is now up - please try to volunteer for two events.
  • The spring Candlelit Supper has been put back to 13th April 2019. Make a note in your diary. I am also looking for raffle prize donations for this. Ed

Luke Eggleston

Custom Fitting

Alan and Carolyn picking up this years Cansey Trophy

Wanstead Golf Club

Veterans Section

Steve Woodward with the Perch Trophy after a cracking four points!

Noel celebrating his hole in one at the 9th

AG - happily making a full recovery from his knee surgery.

Luke Eggleston Custon Fitting

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  17th January 2019